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Speech Recognition Software

IBM Voice Systems
Via Voice for Windows & Mac
Dictation for Linux

L&H Dragon NaturallySpeaking
L&H Voice Xpress
Philips Speech Products



Speech-Enabled End-User Software

e-press EasyOffice Premium
Companion the Talking Desktop

Speech-Enabled Web Browsing

Conversay Voice Surfer
Philips FreeSpeechBrowser
General Information

Computing Out Loud
comp.speech news group link page
Darran's Voice Recognition Pages
Introduction to SR Software
Key Steps to High Speech Recognition Accuracy
Speech Technology Magazine
Search Yahoo Groups and
join an email group about SR

Tips & Tricks

Dragon-Specific Information

Hints for NaturallySpeaking Users
Joel Gould's original NatSpeak InfoPages
Joel Gould's new NatSpeak InfoPages
Troubleshooting the Dragon


The Learning Company (DNS and L&H VX)

MACROS expand the capability of your SR application and speed of use.
(For SR applications with limited or no built-in macro capability,
try adding a third-party macro application.)

Third-Party Macro Applications

EZ Macros
Macro Express

Third-Party Macros for DNS Pro

Contributed Macros for Dragon

DragonDictate & NS Macros & Tips
Kim's Macros
Macros for NS & DragonDictate
Web Links to Macros

Utilities for Dragon NaturallySpeaking

DNS MacroViewer a utility for viewing macros.
Get Words/Put Words move custom added words from your old vocabulary to your new vocabulary.
NatEdit Macro Editor
NatLink write advanced macros using the Python programming language.
SayWhat? freeware macro viewer utility for DNS Pro 5

Visit Value-Added Resellers whose informative webpages are linked from this list

Softnet Systems
SCCS Speech Controlled Computer Systems
Synapse Adaptive

Last update: August 10, 2001